About us

… Since 1889


Over 120 years has the Parbst family supported themselves by independent business operations. Every generation has adapted business activities to their passion, temperament and energy.

Parbst & Son was founded on the 30th of September in 1889 by Victor Parbst. He started as an agent for foreign companies that were producing drapery. But as soon as the first bike came to Denmark, he was far-sighted enough to change the industry and was possibly the first agent of bicycle parts in Denmark, as well as a co-founder of The Association of Danish Bicycle Dealers.

Five years prior to his death in 1929, his youngest son Knud Parbst became Victor’s partner in the company. All the success was interrupted by the World War II. Blockades, then bombing of industries and later severe restrictions on currency and foreign trade reduced the company. So when Knud’s son Ove Parbst became a partner in 1947, a small rented office with a part time secretary was all that was left of it.

Ove had his grandfather as a role model, and must have inherited his sense of humour and lucidity, as well as his wit and talent for business. He was, for example, successful in importing large quantities of cuckoo clocks. Ove had a talent for production, and built the largest factory of clocks.

When he passed his company to his son François Parbst in 1972, François had to re-model it to his liking and made it to an agency business. So consequently the clock factory was closed and he devoted himself more and more to wholesale business. With the company as base, he had the opportunity to deal with farming, real estate, arms and ammunition, while the agency company made good business with heavy industry, for example, representation of the Winchester Industrial Products in Europe.

Corporation with Winchester started early ’70s and has now become the main area of business.
V. Parbst & Søn is the only representative of Winchester Industrial Products in Europe with more than 40 years of experience.

Fifth generation, Michael Parbst, joined the company in 1997. He continued and developed the wholesale business. Today, the product portfolio includes Winchester Ringblaster Mark IV Industrial gun and mount, 8 gauge ammunition and Winchester Powder Actuated Tool (PAT) ammunition.

Every generation have had a good personnel. And in addition to that, Michael has also inherited the ability to involve the whole family. This has secured commitment and loyalty to our customers.

Regardless the business area Parbst family have chosen, there is one thing that always had remained – service.
We hope that our old rules of good customer service, reliability and honesty will be continuously valued by our customers and thus could carry us through the challenges in the future.

We are always at your service!

Sincerely yours,

Parbst family